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Jacquie Stir It Up
After a 10 year career as a sales and business development director, I gave it all up to have children and scrape food off the floor three times a day. I happened to have a very choosy child and found myself cooking creatively, twice daily just to get some goodness into her and began to wonder if anyone else might benefit from these long and arduous hours spent in the kitchen.
And so, I began teaching children and their parents how to cook healthy food in schools, children’s centres and all kinds of settings.

About Stir It Up

Stir It Up Recipe Bags


We had a little idea about how to take the stress out of family mealtimes while making sure the everyone was eating as well as possible, and in February 2020, won a place on Impact Hub’s Feeding the City small business incubation scheme.
While the pandemic threw a large sized spanner in the works, we launched in May 2021 after an intense crowdfunding campaign backed by the Mayor of London Fund. Since then, our mission has been to transform the way families buy, cook and eat food.

Stir It Up Recipe Bags

Organic Produce

Unlike supermarkets, we know exactly where our fresh produce comes from and who has grown it. We are committed to sourcing from smaller, organic farms across the UK and Europe but we never use air freight. We want to support those farmers who are standard bearers for ethical agriculture and pay them a fair price for their crops.

Stir It Up Recipe Bags


Some of our dry ingredients are bought in plastic, but we never use additional plastic in our (minimal) packaging. Our portion pots and paper bags are compostable and our recipe cards are made from recycled paper. Our delivery bags are used over and over again, mostly by us, but often by our lovely subscribers!

Stir It Up a community company

Stir It Up in the Community

Stir It Up is a Community Interest Company- and put people and planet before profit.
66% of our profits are reinvested into our neighbourhoods through donating dinner kits and surplus fresh produce to local food banks. We’re looking forward to teaching healthy cookery in the community again!

In October 2021 Stir It Up won the Hounslow Community Awards for best Social Enterprise.

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