Can Foods Affect Arthritis?

by | Jan 26, 2024 | Uncategorized

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After thinking for a little while on what to write about this week- I’m just going to tell you what’s on my mind.

My Mum, who is the carer for my Dad who has dementia (Not so bad that he can’t still have a laugh, but couldn’t survive on his own), has had really bad back pain for approaching 10 weeks.

Now, unlike me, she never suffers from back pain and it came on really quickly and not as a result of pulling anything.

She had a scan earlier this week and it turns out she has arthritis of the spine for which there is no cure, only painkillers.

You might be going through similar. I know from conversations with customers that we’re getting to that age where not only are we worrying about the kids, but the parents too and it weighs heavy on our minds.

My sister immediately recommended a book, mainly on diets for keeping arthritis at bay. Arthritis is basically inflammation and can be exacerbated by the food we eat. It’s by an entrepreneur vitamin seller. Enough said.

Mum has already digested it and is distraught as she can no longer eat dairy, her generously buttered bread a thing of the past. 

I’m going to have a good look at it tonight when I get down there, but my feeling is that it’s barking up the wrong sensationalist tree. And that’s true for so many health gurus we see on social media- take it all with a metaphorical pinch of salt- it tends to be wildly misleading, with none of it based on decent research.

And common misconceptions of bad food for arthritis are:

Citrus, Tomato and Dairy. All of which are a no-no in this book.

The boring truth is, if you want to slow down (or try to prevent) arthritisx, do the following;

  • eat less red meat and less processed meat (not none!) and if you only eat it occasionally, that’s fine.
  • eat more fruit and veg (especially green leafy and cruciferous)
  • eat more beans (obvs)
  • eat fewer white flour products
  • eat fewer baked goods- it’s the trans fatty acids here (hydrogenated oil, it’s not good at all. Being phased out- it’s not even in my Ginger Nuts, but check pastry and ice creams, spreads and anything with batter.
  • eat less sugar

Nothing is off the menu- just eat a bit more of the good stuff and less of the less good. 

Chocolate = quality of life and that’s really important too.

I’m off to give my Mum some back exercises that I know she’ll never do.

But at least I’ll have tried.

Jacquie x