My Dad’s Curries

by | May 4, 2023 | Food Facts

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I grew up with a Dad who cooked a curry most Sundays- a tradition that stemmed from growing up in Glasgow, surrounded by some of the best Indian and Pakistani restaurants in the UK.

His curries, while potent with garlic (my classmates often complained on a Monday morning) never really had the depth of flavour or consistency of a restaurant meal.

I wish he’d read this Henry Dimbleby piece The Secret To Making Great Curry where it is pointed out that not all curries need to contain garlic. Chefs often omit it for fear of insulting guests at Indian weddings. This article is the inspiration for next week’s Red Pepper Curry.

Yotam Ottolenghi has his own delicious take on traditional Indian and Pakistani dishes, fusing his own flavours with the more obvious ones and substituting meat for vegetables, dairy for tofu.

Palak Tofu (above) is the most vibrantly green and stunning dish ever- spinach and coriander give the colour while paneer is swapped with tofu for a vegan-friendly dish.

Have a look at his celebration plates for sharing– They are truly wonderful.

This Lamb Curry is the stuff of legends- Rick Stein apparently persuaded his favourite Indian restaurant in Bradford and its chef (Mumrez Khan) to divulge their recipe for Lamb & Spinach Karahi. He then appeared on Saturday Kitchen and cooked it up live on TV.

It’s not the quickest curry you’ve ever made but OH MY GOD it’s worth it.

Go forth and be generous with the ghee!