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by | May 4, 2023 | Food Facts

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I touched briefly on supermarket shopping this week, bemoaning how much I spend when I set foot in a physical store- it’s like I’m in some kind of shopping nirvana with no way out and a bottomless bank account (this excludes Tesco in Osterley as it’s the nearest thing to hell on earth now that my kids are too old to go to Snakes + Ladders or any kind of labyrinthine soft play).

So as Christmas approaches and a massive credit card bill looms on the January horizon, I’ve thought about a few ways to dial down your food shopping bill before Christmas.. and to be honest, these ideas might just curb a little Christmas excess too-

  1. Make a meal plan. The NY Times suggests doing so on a Friday. I don’t know anyone who can function strategically on a Friday afternoon, so, at ease soldier, just do it whenever you can.

  1. If meal planning is too taxing, make a rough plan of how many meals you need and an estimate of ingredients required. Now subtract two meals.

  1. If you really can’t bring yourself to perform 1 or 2, don’t go to the supermarket hungry. You’ll come out with a ton of fancy cheese, chips, dips, those little piquillo peppers stuffed with goat’s cheese and some party sausages, but crucially nothing with which to make a balanced family meal. PS Chiswick Cheese Market is on this Sunday.

  1. Shop online instead. You will spend 60% less. Honest. I once had a chat with the CEO of Look Fantastic (huge online beauty brand) who said that online shopping was a terrible business model- we all spend significantly less than when in store. Supermarkets are exceptionally expert in the dark art of getting you to buy things. If you must go, start shopping in the middle.

5.Play freezer roulette and live off your stored food for as long as you can. I find this an exciting challenge but I am a bit twisted in that respect. If nothing else, you’ll have cleared the freezer out of 2019’s Christmas stuffing, tubs of unidentified sauces and last summer’s melted ice lollies.

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