The (food) thing that dare not speak its name

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Welcome to What to Eat, our Saturday email about, well, what to eat, how to eat it and sometimes what you should think twice about eating.

Last week, doing some research into hooks (a statement that stops the scroll and piques interest in a post) for a Facebook ads campaign I just launched, I signed up to receive daily hook advice from an expert. 

He grouped them into 12 categories, like celebrating a win or speaking to someone’s identity, but my interest was piqued by Giving voice to the unvoiced.

Apparently, if you do it properly, your audience is supposed to say:

“Finally, someone said it!”
“That’s so damn true!”

And I began to think that, for most Mums, it’s

I hate cooking.

Every night, for picky kids, when I’m tired and frankly can’t be bothered. But we rarely voice that do we? 

I once tagged a well-known cook on a recipe of hers I’d recreated- citing I loved it because it was fast. She thanked me for commenting then added “why is it all about fast these days?”

And I thought yeah- I bet you haven’t got a full time job, get home at 6pm and have to have dinner ready for choosy children in half an hour flat.

And don’t get me started on (male) TV chefs who, while imploring us to cook exotic meals from scratch every day, have NEVER looked after kids full-time, scrape food off the floor/wall/ceiling 3 times a day, and be expected to cook, serve and clear up (again) whilst cajoling a recalcitrant 3-year-old to eat some peas.

If you’ve ever read my emails and thought- I bet she doesn’t go out to work and loves cooking, you’d be half right. I work from home which means I can do stuff during the day. But I absolutely get tired of cooking. And it’s such a relief to not think about it for a few days.

And if I went out to work, my approach to food might be different. 

My point is, nobody can know your life until they’re living it. And perspective is everything.

I think our Recipe Bags remove a mental load (planning, shopping, worrying if dinner is nutritious enough) but we can try harder. I’m focusing on developing recipes that just might make you enjoy cooking again. 

They’ll be quicker (obvs), kid-friendlier and will feature more traybakes and one-pot meals.

As previously moaned about, it’s ironic that we have to cook dinner when we least want to, at 5 or 6 when we’re all knackered from a day’s work.

So why not (if you can) prep it in the morning or at lunchtime, or even the night before?

What I cook when I don’t want to cook  **click the link and I’ll send you the recipe**

  1. (Veggie or not) Sausage Casserole– takes minutes to put together- leave in an oven on a low heat all day. 
  2. Butternut Lasagne15 mins lunchtime prep, leave in oven and go about your day
  3. Roast Chicken- just set the timer and throw in a tray of baby potatoes after half an hour
  4. Baked Gnocchi– throw it all in a tray and bake. Literally no chopping.

***Learn to use your oven timer if you haven’t got a slow cooker***

And if all else fails, Falafels in a wholemeal wrap and a few bits of cucumber/pepper/carrot is as healthy and balanced as you’ll find.

Jacquie x