The one thing I’d wish I’d done

by | Apr 12, 2024 | Uncategorized

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The one thing I wish I’d done when the kids were smaller is feed them more pulses. Lentils, chickpeas, beans. I wish I’d just got them really used to it. 

Why? Because colorectal cancers in younger adults have been on the rise in recent years. In fact, they’ve increased steadily since the early 1990s by 22% according to research done by the British Journal of Surgery and reported by Cancer Research UK, The Royal Marsden and Bowel Cancer UK.

But it’s not just here- diagnoses of people under 50 are climbing in Europe and the US too.

The usual suspects, obesity, too much booze, a sedentary lifestyle, diets high in fat/processed/red meats are all in the dock- so too are diets lacking in fibre.

But given around 53% of CRR cases are preventable, is it worth taking a cold, hard look at your family’s diet and giving fibre more fanfare?

Whizz beans into a bolognese (my friend Louisa does this- totally undetected), make our veggie quesadillas (black beans are a great starter bean, tiny and soft) or whizz chickpeas into soups, butterbeans and lemon with garlic and oil into a dip and lentils into a curry or stew.

And if you have toddlers or babies, get that dal normalised in their diets. You won’t regret it.