What we really spend on food shopping

by | Feb 2, 2024 | Uncategorized

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I had coffee with a fabulous friend this week- she was my rock in the early days of Stir It Up and continues to offer fantastic business advice when she lets me pick her brains.. (It’s so VERY HARD working on your own- no-one to bounce ideas off or get drunk with at the Christmas party).

We talked about the value of meal kits in general and specifically can they actually save you money?

According to an Insta poll, I ran this week- 75% of you spend between £150-£200 a week on food and probably an average of £10 per meal (surely that’s a huge underestimate, what’s the other £80-£130 spent on? Tequila? Ferrero Rocher? Bagels?) Roughly speaking, that’s £30 for 3 meals. Our kits are £14. per meal.

When you consider that WRAP reckons that the average family wastes £15 worth of food per week, it makes buying a meal kit seem much better value.

(BTW, our 3 Meal Organic Vegetarian Bag is £41.99, cheaper than ALL the other enormous Meal Kit outfits and we don’t charge delivery)

So, to answer the question if meal kits can save you money:

If you’re really frugal and have the time and appetite (ha!) to meal plan healthy dinners every week, rarely throwing anything away- I’d say no. But if you want to try out some new dishes now and again and use it as a MUCH cheaper version of a takeaway then YES.

Otherwise, if 

  • you just shopped, opened the fridge and realised you have nothing for tea (so you pop to the shops and spend another £30- it’s always £30 isn’t it?)
  • your time is worth ££ (value yourself!) and meal planning isn’t a good use of your time
  • you always have sad, unused veggies, wilting in the fridge before finally binning them on recycling day.
  • You like trying out new dishes, but spend lots on novel ingredients you’ll never use again
  • you’re paying £20 for M&S meals for 4. More than once a week.

I can guarantee you’ll definitely save money. 

But if you also care about packaging, where your food comes from and backing small, local businesses, Our meal kits are what you’ve been looking for..