by | May 4, 2023 | Food Facts

Stir It Up Favicon

Baked wraps are an ideal labour-saving device when you want something encased in carbs but:

  1. a) want something more toothsome than a sandwich
  2. b) less faff than fiddling with pastry

They are also very good for hiding veg from kids (and some adults). I mean, everything tastes better wrapped in crunchy, oven-baked bread.

Cut the wraps in half and form a little cone, using a flour and water paste to seal. Fill 2/3 to the top with your favourite things, paste along the top edge and press together (see samosa pic) Brush with oil and bake for 10 to 15 at 180C. SUBLIME.

My TOP FIVE wrap fillings

  1. Feta and spinach (my kids have eaten kilos of these)
  2. Mashed black beans, peppers + sweetcorn
  3. Thinly sliced Celeriac, cheese + ham (yes it’s divine)
  4. Potato, swede, onion + minced beef (cheat’s Cornish Pasty)
  5. Tomato purée, cheese, peppers + mushrooms (mini cheat’s calzone)

Next week’s Samosas fit this bill perfectly. Packed full of gently spiced potato + veg, encased in a flaky, crunchy pastry, they are dangerously moreish. Give them a go, I promise you’ll love them.

Wraps: Don’t save them for the sandwich.